We have the perfect class for you.  Probably even more than one!  Whether you’re new to working out or a fitness enthusiast, we have classes appropriate for every level.  You’ll receive individual attention and safe instruction with our qualified instructors.  Challenge your body and your mind in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.  Check out our class descriptions and don’t be afraid to try something new!


Intro to Spinning®

This 60-minute class is strongly recommended for anyone who is new to indoor cycling.  We cover bike setup, safety, posture, and hand positions, followed by a fun ride including warmup and cool down.  Suitable for all levels. There is a $10 charge to reserve your bike, but upon completion of the class you will receive a pass for a complimentary Spinning® or TRX® class to be used within 30 days.


Join us for a fun ride, great music, and a high energy workout.  This 55-minute class, including warm up and cool down, is suitable for all levels*.  If you are new to Spinning, arriving 15 minutes prior to class time is required so that the instructor may assist you with bike setup.  *Attending Intro to Spinning® prior to this class is recommended, but not required.


This 50-minute class utilizing dumbbells, resistance bands, and body weight builds strength from head to toe, with a strong focus on core strength and balance exercises.  This class is appropriate for all fitness levels, but due to some mat work, it does require the ability to get up and down from the floor.

Spin® + Strength

Trying to squeeze both strength & cardio training into your busy day?  Join us for a 30-minute Spinning® class and a 25-minute strength session using dumbbells, resistance bands, TRX®, and body weight.  Due to the condensed nature of this class, participants who are new to Spinning® should first attend our Intro to Spinning® class. 


Cardio Blast

This is a 50-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that combines bursts of all-out intervals with periods of rest. From lunge jumps to bicep curls and planks, this full-body class covers cardio and strength to give you an all-in-one workout. Low-impact modifications will be provided, but due to the nature of the class it does require participants to have the ability to get up and down from the floor.  Please bring a bottle of water and a pair of clean athletic shoes.

Low Intensity Spin®

This is the perfect class for someone who is just beginning a fitness program, is in need of an energy boost, needs active recovery from their higher intensity training program, or simply wants to stay active but does not enjoy high intensity training. This class provides a steady state cardio workout, which burns calories at a slower rate than higher intensity training, but allows you to recover more quickly. Recovery is essential to any successful workout program, but it is often overlooked.  Enjoy a rejuvenating 45-minute ride that will accelerate your body’s recovery process and boost your energy.

Ride for GOOD

Once a month, we will spotlight a local or national non-profit organization.  All profits from the Ride for GOOD will be donated to the organization.  Please speak with an instructor or send an email to if you have an organization that would like to be involved.


Intro to TRX®

This 60-minute class is strongly recommended for anyone who is new to suspension training.  We’ll cover strap adjustments, safety, proper form, and positioning.  There is a $10 charge to reserve your straps, but if you attend the class you will receive a pass for a complimentary Spinning® or TRX® class to be used within 30 days.


This 45-minute class utilizing a suspension trainer leverages gravity and your body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.  This is a full body workout that is appropriate for all fitness levels*.  If you are new to the TRX® suspension trainer, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class time so that the instructor may assist you with strap adjustments.  *Attending Intro to TRX® prior to attending this class is strongly recommended.

TRX® Team Training Camp

This is a team sports inspired 8-week program for athletes and clients of all fitness levels who want real sustainable results in a fun, challenging and dynamic experience.  Program participants will meet twice weekly during the 6-8 week sessions. Limited to 10 participants, this program includes Baseline testing on Day 1 and Finish Line testing on Day 16.   If you are considering signing up for the session, but are unsure that TRX® is for you, please attend one of our Intro to TRX® classes before registering. Please email for registration information.


Silver Wave Yoga

Silver Wave Yoga offers a gentle yoga experience for those who want to move at a slower and more easeful pace, with an emphasis on building awareness of breath and body.  Each session will include movements to encourage both strength and flexibility, modified yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation and a period of deep relaxation. Students will leave feeling stronger, nourished, rested and refreshed. This class is appropriate for all levels, including students new to yoga, those recovering from injury or with physical limitations. No yoga experience is necessary.  60-minute class followed by 30-minute social time.

SilverSneakers® Circuit Flex

This is a standing, low impact program to improve cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength endurance. This class is suitable for nearly every fitness level.  Class is approximately 45 minutes and it is followed by an optional 30-minute social with tea and coffee, so that you can get to know your fellow class members and neighbors.  Eligible SilverSneakers® members should bring their® SilverSneakers® membership card in order to attend the class.  Membership in SilverSneakers® is not required for class attendance.  Class fee for non-members is $10.  To find out if you are eligible for the SilverSneakers® program, please contact your medical insurer or Medicare.  Please bring clean, supportive athletic shoes and a bottle of water.

Silver Wave Spin®

This 30-minute low intensity Spinning® class is a great way get in your daily dose of cardio.  While adults of all ages are welcome to attend, this class is geared specifically to active adults 50+.  There are no jumps, sprints, heavy climbs or high intensity movements.  Please bring a bottle of water and clean athletic shoes.  Cycling shoes are not required.  If this is your first time in one of our Spinning® classes, please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that we have time to assist you with bike setup.


Vinyasa Flow

Yoga for everybody! This all-level vinyasa flow class is designed to build whole-body strength, as well as increasing your flexibility, balance, and mental focus. Fine tune your regular practice or begin here and build a sturdy yoga foundation.

Yoga Flow

Complement your Spinning® workout with a yoga flow that will lengthen and stretch the muscles you use on the bike. Athletes will find greater flexibility with this practice that combines movement and breath with prop work and deep relaxation to fully rejuvenate body and soul. Non-cyclists will also enjoy the benefits of this class, and all are welcome.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Slow down with this mindful yoga practice that links movement with breath. We’ll gently flow through a series of poses to help build strength, stability and mindfulness. Class is suited for new students and experienced students looking to become more aware of their movement and breath.


Special Group Events

Let us help you celebrate a special day with a ride designed just for you and your guests!  Depending on the number of guests, we can design an event including Spinning®, TRX®, or both!  This is also a great option for employer sponsored team building or church group events.  Please send an email to to request a quote for your event.